Can You Use Your Phone at a Red Light? (Explained)

can you use your phone at a red light (featured image)

Cell phone use is one of the top causes of car accidents in the USA, amounting to 1.6 million crashes every year. It has been such a prevalent issue that governing bodies banned using phones while driving nationwide. But what happens when you’re at a halt? Can you use your phone at a red light? … Read more

Car Sickness: Reasons And Management

Has car sickness ever affected you while you are driving? Did you ever feel like someone was pulling your chest after a long drive in the country? Or how about how your children feel when they get carsick? Well, it is time to stop all this and be free from car sickness. Car sickness can … Read more

Can You Sleep in a Minivan? The Ultimate Roadtrip Hack

Sleep in a Minivan

Have you been planning a long ride and are wondering if you can sleep in a minivan? Well, the answer is yes! Sleeping in your car can be comfortable and save you money on hotels. The #vanlife concept has become popular as people seek creative ways to travel. People may be seen on social networks … Read more