Can You Use Your Phone at a Red Light? (Explained)

can you use your phone at a red light (featured image)

Cell phone use is one of the top causes of car accidents in the USA, amounting to 1.6 million crashes every year. It has been such a prevalent issue that governing bodies banned using phones while driving nationwide. But what happens when you’re at a halt? Can you use your phone at a red light? … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Car Loans: Everything You Need to Know

Buying a car is a big purchase, and most people need to finance at least a portion of the cost. It can be quite heavy and difficult to finance a car, especially if you don’t have all the money upfront. But don’t worry! Car loans can help make your purchase more manageable and affordable. But … Read more

How Long Can A Car Be Parked Without Moving?

Have you ever had this happen to you? You go away on holiday, or it’s the weekend and life is busy so you go shopping. Then, you come back and find that your car has been clamped from being parked. You didn’t see the funny yellow lines and left your car there. Or maybe it … Read more

Speeding Ticket: What To Do After Paying?

Getting a speeding ticket is an unpleasant experience, but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways you can mitigate the effects and minimize the damage long-term. There are many reasons why you would get a speeding ticket. Maybe you were in a hurry to work, school, or picking up the kids from baseball practice. … Read more

Battery Light On: What Does It Mean?

Have you bought your first-ever car in your life? Are you excited to drive it and feel the smoothness of the road? Wait! Before doing that, let me ask you one question. Are you already familiar with its dashboard? If not yet, then this blog is for you! Let’s talk about those tiny icons beside … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Car Batteries

Cars have become increasingly complex over the years, and one area that has seen significant advancements is the battery. Car batteries are responsible for powering an ever-growing number of electrical components and accessories, from the lights to the stereo to the power seats. But do you know how car batteries work and how to know … Read more

Best Way To Clean Interior Car Windows

Is your car window starting to get blurry? Maybe it needs a makeover! Cleaning interior car windows can be a pain. You have to either find a squeegee or hold the wiper in one hand and wipe down the window with the cloth in another hand. Window cleaning means that you need to clean everything, … Read more

Here’s What to Expect From Future Car Value

Investing in a new car is a big decision. Not only do you have to worry about the initial cost of the vehicle, but you also need to think about what will my car be worth in 4 years. After all, you don’t want to end up upside down on your loan or owing more … Read more

Common Reasons Your Car Smells and How to Fix Them

Driving a car shouldn’t be a stinky experience. But if your car smells bad, it could signify that something is wrong. It might be something as simple as a forgotten piece of food or something more serious like an oil leak. If you still don’t know the answer to why does my car smell like … Read more